Top Results Testimonials

Testimonials from parents and students who have successfully improved their grades with EDU MAQ’s unique tutoring techniques.



The EDUPRO WORKSHOP is the first of its kind I have attended. I was captivated by the dynamic presentation and by the original innovative methods Mr. Khan demonstrated. I am an accredited facilitator who has taught at a state school for 14 years. I am also experienced in the Montessori method of teaching and have facilitated many workshops in Early Childhood Development.



The EDU-PRO WORKSHOP was presented in a dynamic style driven by passion and complemented by an easy to follow manual which will enable even the fledgling educator or parent to implement in the teaching of reading. Mr. Sahaye is a retired principal who has held workshops in Journalism.



In a short span of time so much of information was transferred so effectively. The presentation was inspiring to both parents and teachers. Such an initiative needs to be made widely accessible to the masses.



This is an unorthodox and fantastic way of showing how a child can start his first decoding of words in just 9 lessons. I truly believe that every teacher ought to be equipped with the methods outlined in order to prevent common confusion in a child’s early development of phonics and reading. The workshop was a dynamic presentation which outlined how a teacher can actually cater for different ability levels at the same time. It is also a valuable tool in so far as slow learners are concerned, especially in the intermediate phase where some children may be ignored because the teachers are not equipped to deal with these cases.



I am a mother of a grade 8 pupil at Crawford College. My daughter was always a high achiever but Maths was the subject she hated which always brought her overall average down. Thanks to Ayoob Khan of EDU-MAQ she is now an “A” student in Maths and has developed a love for the subject. Her final mark in Maths for 2008 was 90%. She looks forward to her tuition sessions with Mr. Khan who has motivated her with his original easy to understand methods. My further recommendations and comments are available.



I enrolled as a private candidate for the grade 12 examinations in 2009. I have previously enrolled with private colleges and have gone for private tuition in MATHS but only one man really made me understand this subject, Ayoob Khan.

There’s something more than just the way he teaches, he makes you believe in yourself. I believe that every child ought to be motivated early in life and begin tuition at a young age. Thanks to Ayoob Khan who has taught me and motivated me to understand MATHEMATICS. I went from 0% to 43% and this is a wow in anyone’s language. I am currently studying chemical engineering.



from 38% to 83% (literally turning the tables) My daughter, a grade 9 pupil goes to a famous private girls college in Durban. Her half-yearly Maths mark was disappointing. I am so glad to have come across the EDU-MAQ tuition advert. I personally sat in the first session and was captivated by Mr Khan’s teaching style and how he made difficult concepts seem so easy. I attended a few more sessions, which I enjoyed. Kerry is now a more confident pupil.



We sent our grade 10 son to EDU-MAQ having heard about Mr. Khan’s excellent tutoring skills. Our son went from 30% to 60%, and was mentored to be more positive and hard working.



Thank you, Mr. Khan, you changed our lives.

We tried psychologists and tuition centres but nothing would help our little boy. The day Shailyn returned from his first session he was a transformed child. He has been given a new hope by Mr. Khan.



I feared I would fail my third-quarterly maths paper and at the eleventh hour decided to get tuition for maths. I went from 41% to 59% and I was over the moon thanks to Mr. Khan who has been a source of motivation in my life. He made me believe in myself showing me that I could achieve anything I wanted to, as long as I said, “I can do it.”



My twins were at Seaforth in grade 6 and their teacher said they were not performing well enough. The teacher attributed this to the fact that they were younger than the average age of the grade. Within 3 months of tuition they were attaining over 90% in Maths.

Thanks to Mr. Khan of EDU-MAQ who brought out the best in my boys.



My daughter was having problems in Maths and I tried to teach her myself, but I was getting frustrated with her not grasping what I was presenting.

Ayoob Khan had spent only 15 minutes with her and she achieved 86% in the following test. I’ve seen this man inspire my child in one moment. This is fantastic!



I am a grade 5 pupil and want to thank Mr. Khan for helping me to improve my Maths mark. My dad bought me a quad-bike. Wow! I must admit not wanting to tell anyone about EDU-MAQ because only I wanted to do well.



I am a grade 10 pupil at a private Islamic School. My June exam mark for Maths was 12%. After only about 6 sessions my September marks went up to 60%. Mr Khan is an excellent teacher who makes the learning of Maths easy and fun. Most of all he makes you believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything.



Our son UVESHAN goes to a private Christian ethos school where the standard is quite high. He is a grade 4 pupil, but the Maths they do is of grade 6 level.

Thanks to Mr Khan of EDU-MAQ who has tutored him. He says Mr. Khan makes Maths look so easy and fun. He is now a straight “A” student. We now send two more of our children, UVEN and PRIYANKA, to EDU-MAQ. They look forward to tuition.