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Sponsor Education in South Africa
Sponsor Education

Boost your Business: With the “motivational road show” and other presentations at schools EDU-MAQ wields a great influence on learners, teachers and parents, hence the broader community. The private sector can use this as an effective medium to promote their brands; increasing sales; and adding impetus to enhancing education to our nation. Sponsors will have one or more of the positive outcomes detailed below:-


  1. The company through exposure and direct advertising
  2. Our children in under-privileged areas.
  3. The nation i.r.o poverty alleviation, through education and motivation.

Some of the companies that can add value to our initiatives are inter-alia: the motor industry, printing, appliances, audio-visual and electronic equipment, financial institutions, telecommunication networks, travel and tourism, chain stores, stationers etc…

Invest in education for our nation and shape the future like you would want to… BRIGHT.

Companies can sponsor an entire school for only R2500 per show.

For more details please feel free to contact us.