Online Zoom Lessons

Due to popular demand from parents in other provinces we have decided to embark on setting up Online Classes through the Zoom platform. These lessons can be accessed through a smart phone or laptop. Where 1 on 1 sessions are conducted a tablet with stylus is preferred.  Watch the demo to see how this is facilitated.

Soon learners all over South Africa and the world will be able to have access to the top teaching skills of Mr Khan sometimes nicknamed EDUMAQ or SA’s Top tutor.

It shall address the needs of weak students and those that are excelling. High flyers need extra strategies iro of difficult problem type questions to take them to higher 90’s  like the many learners who have already achieved great results through our quality 1 on 1 private lessons and group sessions. Such strategies not found in text books are taught to our learners.


NBT Maths tests are not like the normal questions that feature in class tests or exams. These tests are what you may term “out of the box” type questions. At EDUMAQ we navigate learners through the various types of questions that learners are tested on. Learners are guided on the quickest easiest route to solutions. We have had many of our learners accepted in the medical sciences as they have passed NBT’s with great success. We fine tune even top achievers with more effective strategies to handle difficult questions. Click on the demo lesson ….🎓
Free past NBT papers as well as the best advice on whether to write this exams is covered here. Parents and leaners must realise that the NBT tests differ from the conventional style of exam testing. Firstly some universities require the prospective candidates to write the NBT exams while others don’t require it. What needs to be mentioned is that some universities may still look at NBT results to decide on which students to select. 

Writing the NBT can possibly jeopardize your placement in some universities if the results are not good enough.  Where a child is not adequately prepared or competent in the maths exam he should actually avoid writing the NBT exam. On the other hand should a student applying to a University that does not require NBT exams this does not mean that the learner should forgo writing the NBT exams. In some cases NBT exam results may be looked at in order to select students for a particular courses if many applicants meet the initial entry criteria. In this case a confident candidate ought to sit for the NBT exams.
                                  TIME : 9am to 4pm ( broken into 2 sessions ) break in between.
                                   VENUE : UKZN Howard College , MTB building Lecture room L3. 

NOTE 2020 All NBT training will be ONLINE due to COVID 19 pandemic. 

Motivational Road Shows

Primary and High School learners participating in such programmes gain confidence and develop  a positive attitude towards Mathematics.
Mr Khan has over the years developed a repertoire of anecdotes for motivating learners and educators. Coupled with easy methods of solving mathematical problems and calculations and a motivational style creates in the audience an immediate positive attitude to one of the most daunting subjects in the school curriculum. Motivation for the nation… You can count on it!

Final Exam Revision

This covers work done during the year with special attention to EXAM TYPE QUESTIONS and easier methods and strategies to handle such questions. Parents and learners must be mindful that this is a revision session. Some novel methods and strategies exclusive to EDU-MAQ is also discussed at these sessions,  however it’s NOT normal tuition and students who are pereforming dismally in the lower 20s may not benefit from such sessions as they are designed to go through exam type questions. Weaker students must seek help to improve on their results way before the final revision session… see INTERVENTION PROGRAMMES

Intervention Programmes


We at EDU-MAQ have over the years taken kids out of their misery by nurturing them into at least attaining a pass. With many years of experience in matric exam type questions coupled with unique and novel methods we are able to improve learners’s results. 
It is sad that many children though cannot afford the cost of quality tuition which obviously comes at a price. 
We do however intend to continue at charging a reasonable rate for these special programmes,  and perhaps some day soon some funding may be come our way so we can afford the opportunity to the less fortunate as well. 
Suffice to say we aim at improving results and elevating the human spirit. 


Winter covers the entire years work upto and including the third term. We shall cover some strategies and easier methods of solving problems. It’s an excellent opportunity for brushing up. 


We cater for inter alia the ffg schools
  • DHS 
  • STAR
  • EDEN 
  • DGC
  • CURRO … etc 
1) One on One Private lessons. 
2) Two on One Private lessons.
3) Special closed groups.
4) Exclusive groups. 
5) Online live tutoring.
6) Revision courses : venue based
                                    : online platform
7)  Catch up groups.
8) Exam Revision workshops.
THE EDU-MAQ TEAM consists of only the most qualified seasoned educators experienced and trusted in producing A’s in Maths and Physics. With ongoing training and development on the most effective methods  we are able to take almost any student to heights of achievement beyond his expectations.
Learners from a specific grade and school have the option of choosing a time slot which is dedicated to only a specified number of learners eg. 4 learners and the group is said to be closed with no one else being admitted to the group without consultation from members of the group. These can be online or face to face contact at our tuition venue. 

Every child is different and any Educational Programme be it school based Education or Private tutoring, need to address these individual attributes so that learning becomes a meaningful and enriching experience that liberates the child from darkness to light. We at EDU-MAQ have through experience looked at how to efficiently cater for different ability levels and types of students.