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Jan 17

From 28% to 86%

Mr Khan is personally proud to announce that Raeesa completed grade 12 in 2012  with flying colours with an average of 88.9 % – wow considering she came to us in grade 10 with 28% in June.

May 28

Naeem Akoo – B.Com Accounting First Year

Naeem Akoo: I matriculated in 2011 with a 68% pass in Maths. I didn’t believe that I would be accepted to do B.Com Accounting. Mr Khan made me believe in myself and I’m currently in my first year of study doing the course I dreamt of.

May 28

Orient Islamic College grade 12

ORIENT ISLAMIC COLLEGE: My twins were struggling to pass Maths, barely scoring 32% in grade 12. Thanks to Mr Khan they achieved 58% in the finals and have been accepted at University to study a course of their choice in 2012.

May 28

Grade 8 pupil at Eden College

EDEN COLLEGE: I’m a parent of a grade 8 pupil in Eden College. My child had previous tutors come home to tutor my daughter but an entire year went by with no improvement in results. Within 3 weeks Mr and Mrs Khan have inspired my child with easier methods in Maths and her results improved …

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May 28

Rivash Ramlal Arena Park Secondary

I moved from 32% to  68% with just 3 lessons before my final exams in Maths for year 2011. I travel approximately 26 km to get to tuition, but I believe the quality of instruction received from Mr Khan is invaluable. My name is Rivash Ramlal and I attend Arena Park Secondary school, now in …

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May 10

Crawford Kid Gets 100% in Trigonometry Test

My child was a B student in grade 10 but having gone to Mr Khan she’s a top Maths student now in grade 11. The mum has this to say” And thanks once again for not only teaching Sonali so well but for inspiring her as well.”

May 01


I enrolled as a private candidate for the grade 12 examinations in 2009. I have previously enrolled with private colleges and have gone for private tuition in MATHS but only one man really made me understand this subject, Ayoob Khan. There’s something more than just the way he teaches, he makes you believe in yourself. …

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