May 01



My son was in grade 7 in 2008 and hated maths and his marks were low. Knowing the importance of maths in a technologically advancing world I knew I had to seek professional tuition outside the formal school context.

I can still remember leaving Imraan with Mr. Khan one Friday afternoon. Having caught a glimpse of Mr. Khan(a tall gentleman sporting a beard, traditional Islamic dress and a turban made him look intimidating) he grew more despondent. Upon my arrival to pick Imraan up, I was greeted by a rejuvenated child who gave me a look of approval. Just one hour transformed his life. His next test result showed an astronomical improvement. This has made him popular with his teacher and peers. In grade 8 he scored 100% for the first 2 tests, and in grade 9 he stopped tuition because he was performing so well. Thank you Mr. Khan.