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EDU-MAQ is the brainchild of Ayoob Khan a renowned educator noted to be one of the most versatile in the world today. He has retired as an educator after 18 years in the formal sector of education.

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Maths Tutoring

Together with his wife they have taken children beyond their expectations in academic achievements. They believe that anything can be achieved through motivation.

With specialised methods and innovative techniques in Mathematics learners themselves are amazed how difficult problems become easy to solve.

Parents of already top achievers are convinced to enrol their children for the advanced courses in Mathematics after spending a session with the child. Obviously they see the merit in developing their children into analytical thinkers.

EDU-MAQ has hand-picked tutors in and around Durban. They are highly skilled in their respective learning areas. Due to individual attention and specialised instructional methods, learners are able to produce excellent results.

Many qualified teachers are joining the winning EDU-MAQ team. Our tutors are specially trained to instil positive thinking through our philosophy of ‘education through motivation.’



The EDUPRO WORKSHOP is the first of its kind I have attended. I was captivated by the dynamic presentation and by the original innovative methods Mr. Khan demonstrated. I am an accredited facilitator who has taught at a state school for 14 years. I am also experienced in the Montessori method of teaching and have …

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The EDU-PRO WORKSHOP was presented in a dynamic style driven by passion and complemented by an easy to follow manual which will enable even the fledgling educator or parent to implement in the teaching of reading. Mr. Sahaye is a retired principal who has held workshops in Journalism.

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Examination type questions with answers covering the entire years work are planned prepared and presented in an easy to understand approach, complying with the latest CAPS syllabus.

Learners are guided on how to answer questions to earn the maximum marks in the least possible time, thus averting the situation of NOT having enough time to complete the paper.

Grade 11 and 12 learners will be introduced to some valuable calculator use and manipulations enabling them to earn a few extra marks with ease.*( Some of these methods are exclusive to EDUMAQ and learners who join us later are awestruck by the response of our regular attendees).

For the first time GRADE 7 learners would be given the opportunity to be personally taught and motivated by Mr Khan himself… They can go back to school with renewed confidence.

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From 28% to 86%

Mr Khan is personally proud to announce that Raeesa completed grade 12 in 2012  with flying colours with an average of 88.9 % – wow considering she came to us in grade 10 with 28% in June.

Free Motivational Video

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True life statements made by students who have excelled with EDU MAQ’s tuition system:

1) “Mum I feel so happy to go to school now that I know how to do fractions”

2) “Mummy Mrs Khan makes it so easy to understand those difficult sections”

3) “Nobody can teach like Mr Khan”

4)” I didn’t want to tell anybody about EDU MAQ because I didn’t want them to beat me.”


Physics Tuition

EDU MAQ is proud to announce that SA’s top Physics teacher and senior examiner has joined our successful company – the kids enjoy the small groups and the feedback from them is phenomenal.

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